You've woken up in the woods. Your girlfriend is a ghost that can't stop lying to you. There's spiders out for blood. You haven't got any clothes. Can you survive until day 5?

Helpful HintYou can go inside once the day timer ends, it's the only way to get the spiders off of you ^_^

YOU NEED TO PLAY IN FULL SCREEN otherwise the camera won't feel amazing

Completed for the 1 week Community Game Jam. I spent all week on this project and pushed my limits to get it  completed while learning a huge amount. Hope you enjoy :)


WASD - Movement. Left click to swing torch. E to interact with objects.


Install instructions

If you download the exe, just unpack and run :)


Download 48 MB


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Amazing graphics for a one week project.
The controlls feal quite good.
Good job on the thrid person camera and the generell atmosphear.
I did not know how to get the spiders of from me, until I read the description. Maybe you can explain this in the game itself.

Quite interesting, I like the third person and action feel of the game. Story seems mysterious enough. Haven't figured out how to get rid of spiders that are stuck to you if that's even possible haha :p