You're a little cubey robot with only a single eye trying to survive on a cubey world. You don't need to survive for too long.. Only 100 seconds! You can do that right? 

Heads up. The robot likes moving in isometric directions. He's also unable to stop moving without rotating the world. ;)


WASD - Movement.



aRho - newgrounds:


Added that exe, improved lighting, visuals and gameplay dimensions/scaling


Download 27 MB


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Even though it was a little buggy I still managed to beat it! The way I survived was by finding 2 adjacent spots that weren't marked and walking back and forth on those. It was challenging but fun! The music and laser effects were also great!

I like the idea and the music but if I walk any way but forwards he eventually becomes impossible to see as he goes behind the cube. I wish I didn't have to guess about where on the back might be safe.  The lighting makes it harder but I actually kind of like that part.

Really cool! I did find it to be occasionally buggy when walking off edges, and it was a little hard to see the character sometimes. Still, nice polished presentation and atmosphere and a good concept. I really like this one!

Not sure how I managed it, but I ended up walking off the cube entirely during the transition, which made for a very easy run. Things definitely get very finicky during the transition.

Really like the visual effects, though the dark character is hard to see against the dark background/cube.